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COVID-19 Update - 27 May 2020



Dear Members

We write this communication to you mid way through the second week after we opened all of the club in line with COVID-19 Alert Level 2 guidelines.
On Monday 25 May the government extended the gathering criteria announcing that up to 100 people can socially gather in one place. This shows great confidence in our people when congregating and we also rely on you all to 'do the right thing'. To reiterate last week's comments, we are very proud of you all for taking the guidelines seriously ensuring a safe environment that we can all enjoy.

A big thank you for complying with the manual contact tracing process we have introduced. Our patronage since 14 May has been over 1,600 visits.  We now have a mobile phone compatible contact tracing tool that we will introduce this week which will make it much easier for many of you. Once this is functional, please comply. We know there are multiple options to choose from and we have chosen two; one is GuestHq and the other is IDMe. The reason we have not chosen the MOH App is that you still must sign a paper based form for club tracing and we are not convinced this will be easy for members or the club. Please look out for these options at the club from Thursday 28 May.

Last Thursday 21 May we reopened the bar. On the main we opened effectively and met most of the criteria set. However, we did flaunt the physical distancing criteria and we run the risk of being asked to improve if we were ever inspected by officials. We appreciate that the opportunity to catch up with all our friends again socially was long overdue, however we urge you all to comply with our guidelines below.

The key points for the club bar to operate under alert level 2 are as follows;

  • You must complete the contact tracing process we provide each time you enter the club.
  • We will serve bottled beer only in the club bar until further notice. We will not be pouring jugs or glasses from the tap
  • We will serve wine by the glass still, however we prefer that you buy wine by the bottle
  • We have redesigned the lounge to cater for physical distancing. Please do not move the furniture
  • We will set the tables to ensure physical distancing of 1 meter is encouraged. Please keep to these 'measures'
  • We will have crosses on the floor at the bar to ensure physical distancing is maintained. Please do not 'crowd the bar'
  • Service will be from behind the bar counter as usual as we believe this is the safest place to serve from
  • We will sanitise the eftpos after each transaction
  • Please limit your visit to the club bar to a maximum of 2 hours as this will ensure others can enjoy a social visit also
  • You must stay away from the club bar if you are not feeling well
  • We will assume you have read the information regarding precautions for managing COVID-19 before you enter the club bar
  • Please maintain appropriate personal hygiene standards when at the club
  • Please shower after your activity at the club as we will not permit your entry into the club bar without showering
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided by the club before and after you enter the club bar
  • We will be monitoring the total numbers in the club at any one time to ensure we remain under the 100 person threshold
  • As we have learned over the last week, adherence to the strict guidelines is challenging however we will endeavour to do the best we can. We need your help to achieve the guidelines and we have modified some of the guidelines to remain viable as a club. We have advised bar staff to 'encourage or discourage', not to police so please be realistic and kind.

Club nights for tennis and squash will commence this week so please get involved. Squash interclub is being organised to commence play mid-June so stay posted for further information on when interclub will restart.

We strongly recommend you read the information in the links below to be well informed on your return back to the club.


As we all return to the club we urge that you remain vigilant to the complete eradication of COVID-19. Aileen and Andrea are back in the office so if you have any questions please get in touch and as usual keep up to date with posts on our website.
Please stay safe and we will continue to update you on our progress and expected developments on all aspects of the club. Please feel free to get in touch with us at any stage if you have any queries on returning to activity at the club.





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